In Conversation with ‘Conversations’

In Conversation with ‘Conversations: Photography from the Bank of America Collection’
Opening Reception: Thursday 19 April at 6pm
Exhibition Runs:
Thursday 19 April, 11 – 8pm
Friday 20 April, 11 – 4pm
Saturday 21 April, 11 – 4pm

An exhibition about an exhibition? In Conversation … is a response to the currently running Conversations show at IMMA. It’s aim is to enter into a dialogue with the IMMA exhibition and explore questions about curatorial practice around photography. It takes place at the Broadcast gallery which is in the DIT bulding in Portland Row. It’s being opened on Thursday night at 6pm by Mary Cremin. Full details as follows:

In Conversation with ‘Conversations: Photography from the Bank of America Collection’ is an exhibition about an exhibition, namely the Irish Museum of Modern Art’s presentation of a touring show of photography selected from the bank’s collection.

Entering into a dialogue with the larger exhibition, we have curated In Conversation with ‘Conversations…’ to incorporate photographs made available through the Flickr website under Creative Commons licenses. Each image in the exhibition at Broadcast Gallery is free for use provided it is for non-commercial purposes. Our response asks questions about the exhibition of photography and the curatorial process itself. Additionally, this is an exploration and response to current political, artistic and social codes of practice that are prominent in photography as a medium. The show engages discursively with these topics and widens the scope of the inquiry the original exhibition alludes to and the use of the formal relationships drawn between the images selected.

The curatorial approach of the exhibition has been devised and produced by Barry Keogh, Bobi Murray, Conor O’Grady, Efa Corwell, Emmett Connell, Kathy Gilroy-Barry, Kasia Kaminska, Maciej Pestka, Neil Dorgan, Patricia Klich, Robert McCormack and Sarah Carney.

A catalogue featuring an introduction and four original essays accompanies the exhibition and is free to take away.

Exhibiting Photography: The Gallery Context is an option module on the BA Photography for third year undergraduate students run at the Photography and Digital Imaging Studios in Temple Bar and open to Fine Art students as an elective. The module began in 2005 at Dublin City Council’s gallery at the LAB. This is the second year students from the School of Media as well as the School of Art, Design & Printing have worked together, with the support of the Broadcast Gallery Committee and co-operation across the Photography and Fine Art BA courses at DIT.

Broadcast Gallery was established in 2007 to support the production, interpretation and dissemination of a broad range of activities within contemporary art practice. The location of the gallery in the Fine Art Department at DIT creates a situation whereby critical links can be fostered within the pedagogical development of fine art education. Programmed workshops and lectures run in correspondence with the concerns of the artist chosen to present work in the gallery, with a particular focus upon conceptual articulation of that work and the broader question of how artists occupy the space of research.

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