Roam | Sarah Jane Finnegan
The Joinery
8 – 16 November 2013 | 12 – 6pm

Opening 7th November 7 – 9pm

Curated by Maeve Ann Austen & Jennie Taylor

Roam is a new exhibition by artist in residence, Sarah Jane Finnegan. As a recipient of the recent graduate residency award, Sarah Jane Finnegan will show a body of work that was produced for the Joinery gallery space.
Her practice is rooted in ideas and understandings of paradise. Through the use and manifestation of materials; slides, glass, perspex, velvet and marble, the works look at how value is measured by associations. Imagery and material move between inherent and perceived value while Finnegan disassembles associations that her selected materials tend to emulate.
Finnegan presents typically precious material as ordinary and glorifies the not so precious. Her work questions understandings of hope and aspiration. The communally constructed ideal of a material perfection is likened to an imagined and unattainable Utopia. Finnegan seeks to activate and question mass produced hopes and versions of paradise.

Maeve Ann Austen is a recent graduate and Jennie Taylor is a current student of the MA – Art in the Contemporary World