Existing on the edge of anatomy

Existing on the edge of anatomy
Talbot Gallery & Studios
51 Talbot Street
March 7th – March 29th 2014
Opens: Thursday March 6th 2014 6pm – 8pm

Siobhan McGibbon will give a walk through of her work at 12pm on Saturday 22nd of March.

Siobhan McGibbon’s practice is predominantly sculpture based with a distinct medical slant. Her work derives from a fascination with extraordinary medical conditions and the human relationship between aesthetics and corporeality.

Informed by study of teratology; the analysis of perceived abnormalities in the natural world, both real and imagined, the artist creates visual images of actual occurring phenomenons. Such as Congenital Hypertrichosis Languoniosa, a genetic syndrome where by the entire body is covered with thin Langua hair.

Uncommon conditions such as teratoma’s dominate the artists practice, rapid growths that consume and transform lives. Mcgibbon is fascinated by the body’s ability to stretch and morph itself almost beyond human recognition. Her work often references biographic stories of individuals with abnormal conditions.

Through this research McGibbon aims to explore society’s interpretation of conventional anatomy through the study of social psychology, the scientific study of how people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours are influenced by the actual, imagined or implied presence of others. The artist investigates the experience of encountering an abnormal body and our relationship with our own body, the surreal body and the notion of “normal” anatomy.


IMAGE: Whats between our legs aint know bodies business but ours, fibreglass resin, 2013