FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE: Information They Don’t Want You To Know
Thursday 20th Nov, 7pm, The Joinery.

A celebration of the trailblazing publication: FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, 8th Edition. This co-written brochure examines methods for survival and collective living, as well as claiming and maintaining territory in the area of Stoneybatter, Dublin 7 in the year 2014. Join us as we find alternative sources of fresh water; implement asset protection strategies and initiate team-building exercises in order to produce extraordinary levels of successful living. As you read through this manual for everyday ingenuity, you will see that the results we obtained through our experiments were literally off the test scales. We explain how to use tactics of disorientation, interference, non-hierarchical organisation, infiltration, surveillance, listening, clue-placement and misdirection to unlock the potentials of our surroundings. This totally new approach to living is available to all: you just have to grab a copy of this inspirational pamphlet at 7PM on Thursday the 20th of November at the Joinery Gallery on Arbour Hill. The time has come to ignore the naysayers and become a superachiever!

Ruth & Niamh