Pallas Projects, Dublin from Sept 10th – 21st // Queen Street Studios, Belfast from Oct 1st – Nov 15th

Diagrams is a cross border collaborative project that involves the participation of artists, film makers, architects, new media designers and visual cultures theorists.
Diagrams creates a range of platforms for arts practitioners and theorists to exchange perspectives on their working processes and it gives audiences insights into this learning process.

Diagrams symposium hosted by GradCAM on Sept 18th at DIT Smithfield – booking details to follow here.

Pallas Projects
‘Diagrams’, a mixed media show of work by 7 artists, comprises lens-based media, drawings, paintings and sculptures. Each artist uses the diagram to describe a previous work or to make a preliminary sketch for a new work. The diagrams apply a logical procedure to the spatial organization of elements in order to experiment with material production. The show explores how the dynamic space of the diagram visualizes different sets of relations between elements and so generates multiple reading narratives.

Queen Street Studios Gallery
The approach through the diagram involves the play with various media to create different narratives for the viewer to read the work in terms of the process of its material production. The show provides these artists with the opportunity to explore making diagrams as a way of engaging with the possibilities for disseminating their work, thus making the documentation of the work a focal point of the work itself.