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  1. Here’s a follow up to the discussion I had with Sean Rocks on RTE radio last night.

    There wasn’t much time to go into the show itself in any detail. There may be a follow-up piece. But some things that I’d liked to have mentioned if there had been more time include: strong works in Earlsfort Terrace from artists I already know (Mark Clare, Declan Clarke, Niamh O’Malley, Matt Calderwood) and from artists new to me (Alicia Frankovich, Miks Mitrevics) or good work by artists I’d heard of but not seen (Javier Tellez); some very disappointing works by often interesting artists (Nedko Solakov, Thomas Hirschhorn, Jim Lambie, Kendell Geers); powerful shows at the partner galleries (Willie Doherty, Alice Neel, James Coleman); a largely awful mini-show at the National Gallery that is nonetheless decently bookended by Brian O’Doherty and Liam O’Callaghan; the wrongheadedness (whatever the practical reason) of one of the curators putting one of his own (massive) sculptures into the most dramatic space within the whole Earlsfort terrace building; and the lack of a bookshop is a shame given that there have been so many recent publications produced by artists here and this would have been a perfect place to make them available. Also, though we covered some things about the ‘rocky road to Dublin Contemporary’ the original international curatorial panel’s departure is something that remains a real loss to the project as a long-term idea. Overall: successes in some small moments, failures in the grand statements.

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