Fiona Marron – Last and First Men (Selected Stories Programme Part Two)

Fiona Marron

Last and First Men (Selected Stories Programme Part Two)

19th Oct – 30th October 2011

Opens Wednesday 19 October 6-8pm.  Runs 12-6pm Daily

The exhibition ‘Last and First Men’ by Fiona Marron takes as its title that of the 1930 science fiction novel by Olaf Stapledon. Stapledon’s book tells of a future history that has two authors – the contemporary author who writes it believing it to be a work of fiction, and the other who hails from the distant future and seizes the mind of the present author to give future humanity’s own account of history from that perspective.


In Marron’s ‘Last and First Men’, the process engages with personal histories and lived realities driven by ambition – the collective consequences of which are often reflected in concerns bound up with speculative fiction writing. In her video based practice, Marron has been developing an approach that is both socially evaluative and reflexive, addressing strategies of narrativity and fiction in doing so. In ‘Last and First Men’, she introduces a range of landscapes that present themselves as backdrops to a succession of remembered or anticipated events. Reflecting upon the interplay of both constant and variable activities in the making of history, the work focuses on a small number of moments of change – the historical significance of which might never – but may – be recognized or acknowledged at some future date. A variety of source material, along with a confluence between documentary and non-narrative approaches form a conscious strategy for casting into doubt the verisimilitude of the protagonists.


Curated by Miranda Driscoll and Feargal Ward.


First and Last Men is part of the Selected Stories Programme curated by the Joinery and supported by the Arts Council.

Fiona Marron (b.1987) graduated from Fine Art at Dublin Institute of Technology in 2009 and now lives and works in Dublin. Previous solo exhibitions have been at FOUR, Dublin (2009) and The Joinery, Dublin (2010). Recent group exhibitions include ‘Portrait of Space’, Clonlea Studios, Dublin, ‘Construct #1’ at Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin, ‘Hidden Memories, Lost Traces’ at Sinopale: Third Sinop Biennial, Turkey, ‘Switch: As Process’ at Catalyst Arts, Belfast and Reverse Pedagogy III, Model Arts & Niland Gallery, Sligo. Currently, she is also coordinating a collaborative research project ‘In These Troubled Times’ at Rua Red, South Dublin Arts Centre.

The Selected Stories Project is a five-part project curated by the Joinery from this September to January of next year. The project will be made up of five individual shows and will include talks and screenings, bringing together a range of artists, curators and writers whose work engages with, and challenges perceptions of ‘the real’. The project will be supported by a rolling blog and will culminate in a publication of essays, interviews and writings by Rebecca O’Dwyer.