into a limbo large and broad…

21 – 23 October 2011

Opening: Friday 21 October 2011, 7pm.

No. 200 is being repossessed and the inhabitants find themselves obliged to vacate the premises. For the past few years this large rambling eccentric Victorian house has been home to a group of friends. These friends have lived in No. 200, made it a home, and formed an oddball nuclear family. In the face of all the uncertainty and doubt that exists outside in the real world, this home offered a respite, and a field of expanded vision and positivity. Like many, this group found that in this time of uncertainty there is also a pervasive energy of potential – complacency now seems redundant. Perhaps this is the silver lining of our contemporary existence that can inspire creativity and change.

To celebrate the house and their home before eviction, the inhabitants have invited some new and old friends to participate in a weekend of artistry and creativity. This is more than a group show. Firstly it has been deliberately non-curated, rather the artists were invited to visit the house and let it inform their project for the weekend. For example Dominic Thorpe will be undertaking a durational performance based on an ongoing interest with the house and its inhabitants. Ruth E. Lyons will be hosting a discussion on structures in society over Sunday lunch. Donal MacEarlaine will be joined by Niall O Healaithe in an epic poetry performance in the bathroom. Each room in the house has been given over to artists, and an eclectic mix of performance, installation, painting, music, poetry and discussion is on offer for the duration of the weekend. Pop in to explore and participate in this event.

Programme of Events:

Wed 191011 10-17hrs

Performance  – Dominic Thorpe

Fri 211011 19-21:30hrs

Opening Reception (limited wine on offer – BYOB advised)

Sat 221011 11-19hrs

Exhibition/ House Open

Sun 231011 11-19hrs

Exhibition/ House Open

Sun 231011 14-17hrs

Sunday Lunch & discussion ‘The Architecture of the Hedge’ with Ruth E Lyons

Sun 231011 19:30-22:30

An Evening of Experimental music featuring Shane Latimer/Seán MacErlaine, Shane Holly, Donal MacErlaine, Raven & Pedigree Cha, Ghosties and more…