Exhibition: Incubated Works – Noilin O’Kelly

Opening: Friday 11th November at 6pm
Exhibition runs until December 3rd
Monster Truck, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Noilin O’Kelly is a graduate of Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London and the Crawford College of Art. Her solo exhibition, Incubated Works, open this Friday at Monster Truck.

Noilin’s practice examines the relationship between the human body, the uncanny, decaying objects, buildings and their portrayal within contemporary art. She tries to identify and explore comparisons between the human form, spirituality and decaying or abandoned spaces through the production of installation, photography and the written word. The buildings are documented, recorded and responded to as the progression of decay intensifies; therefore placing the emphasis on the process and not on the finished works. Is it possible for a building to contain memories or for abandoned spaces to contain power?

Themes of memory, childhood, identity and religion within the context of these spaces are touched upon. The emotional resonance, sensory properties and aesthetic qualities of the buildings and the objects they contain are integral elements of the work. The passing of time and its effects are investigated. The majority of her practice is at present centered around her Grandmother’s derelict house. The contents of the abandoned house and the building itself inform the work. Everything in it has remained untouched for the last thirty years and it is alive with religious relics, rotting books and bed linen. The house dates back 250 years and much of the original furnishings remain. It is the contrast between the state of decomposition and the remaining beautiful objects that interest and engage her. The house has become a living breathing entity with its shifting foundations and sagging walls, it is architecture dismembered. The earth is reclaiming it as it gradually re-settles back into the ground, yet now as it decays it takes on new life.