DATA 51.0 with Tatiana Bazzichelli, Paolo Cirio & Alessandro Ludovico, February16th 2012 – Science Gallery

When: February 16th 2012 18:30 – 20:30
Location: Studios One and Two, Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin.
Cost: Free

Where corporate interests increasingly shape the ideology of free culture, what political possibilities are still available to artists?

How can we sustain an ethical cultural practice?

How might artists intervene in the market

Data 51.0 brings together an international selection of media artists and theorists, to explore the links between activism, art, and business. Where open source, hactivism and media art generally are still presented as ideologically opposed to the logics of information capitalism, the reality is that many hackerspaces receive corporate funding, open source platforms and user-generated content form the basis for many commercially orientated applications and much of the dominant media art of today is to varying degrees reliant on the financial trajectories of technological R&D. Rather than denying this relationship or refusing to engage with the corporation, we want to ask how artists and activists might use their position in the market and their creative tools to critique, disrupt, or even potentially reshape economic spaces from within. Speakers: Editor of Neural Alessandro Ludovico,and artist Paolo Cirio, creators of the Hacking Monopolism Trilogy: Google Will Eat Itself, and Face to Facebook, and artist/theorist Tatiana Bazzichelli, author of Networking: the Network as Art.