Aisling Conroy: Prism

Aisling Conroy: Prism
7 March – 30 March @ The Talbot Gallery and Studios

Conroy’s work explores human perception within an autonomous zone. Her work uses artificial and optical illusionary methods to create a space of sensory experience. With this, the work engenders a sense of false transcendence and uses these sensory elements as catalyst to transcend the participant within the space.
Surrendering “the self” to the sensory elements of colour, form and sound is at the core of Aisling Conroy’s work. Noting the re-emergence of the collective and the individual’s idea of faith in modern society, the artist attempts to emulate the notion of “the sublime” that is often experienced when viewing Art; most notably in galleries, museums and in various forms of public sculpture and architecture, such as monuments, churches, and shrines. Conroy uses the duality of dark and light, colour and form; in her painting, installation and sound work, and with this, creates abstractions of various models of sacred art, iconism and veneration in ritualistic manifestations.
Conroy’s work is multi-disciplinary using painting, sculpture, sound, and installation. She is a resident artist at the Talbot Gallery and Studios in Dublin and has exhibited in various venues around Ireland, as well as having exhibited abroad in the US, China and India. Her most recent  selected exhibitions include, From the Dawning, solo show, Studio Verve, Amhedabad, India (2012,) Fast Moving Consumer Goods, The Talbot Gallery, Dublin (2012,) Level Open , Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise (2012), Without Memory, Without Expectation,solo show, The Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise (2011.) Reviewed by Amhedabad Mirror, The India Times, December 2012 and by Christín Leach Hughes, Sunday Times, Culture section, October 2011.
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