Artist in Residence Exhibition, LSC, 2013.

Opened Friday 15th March. Exhibition runs until 4th April 2013.

Within the extended New Republic project Walsh interacts with the public’s thoughts on various issues such as constitutional amendment, citizen’s rights and the development and planning of local infrastructure. Emerging from a process that involved consultation and actions suggested by the community’s concerns, Walsh devised the Shelter project: a functional response to the public’s desire for a bus shelter on the N16 route through the town of Manorhamilton.

For Shelter, Walsh uses local and recycled materials to construct a sculpture piece that operates as a proposition and potential solution to this social need. During the exhibition the artist will display the various responses to the project so far while inviting the public, and local authority, to interact further with the work as a means of re-visioning public space.

Check it out before it finishes…