All Man : The Show

All Man: The Show
Nov 14th 18:00 – Nov 14th 20:00 2013

Curated by Lynda Phelan
Winner of the Talbot Gallery International Curatorial Open Call 2013

Matthew Nevin | Darren Caffrey | Terence Erraught | Sean O’Reilly | Conall McCabe | Tony Hayes | Eoin M. Lyons | PawełKleszczewski

The Talbot Gallery is delighted to announce that Lynda Phelan, winner of the Talbot Gallery International Curatorial Open Call that was launched in September 2012, will open her exhibition All Man: The Show at 6pm on Thursday 14th November 2013.

Taking the writings of Mina Loy (1882), Valentine de Saint Point (1875) and George Bataille (1897) as her conceptual points of departure, an open-call was held to unearth five more artists to show alongside the three invited artists, Matthew Nevin, Darren Caffrey and Terence Erraught.

All Man: The Show is an encounter with the male sex and the question: how does man come to know his own maleness, express his maleness, seek and conquer not Woman but the whole of Man?

And, by excluding the female artist from the open-call process and the resultant exhibition, Lynda hopes, through her absence, to draw attention to the true depth of that which underpins her professed problem.

“When yang has reached its greatest strength, the dark power of yin is born within its depths, for night begins at midday when yang breaks up and begins to change to yin.” (I Ching)

The truth of woman begets that of man. How then can the ‘fairer sex’ be a part of the overall system, a real component on the world-stage, if she steps outside of what is to maintain the illusion of equality, in the guise of some form of feminist retort? How can Woman feed the world-order, if it is seen that she requires the safety of same-sex collation and/or competition?

Is it all that Woman wants: to be equal? She can never be by definition of being. Why is it that all she wants is what man has made for himself? Why does she not want for herself what drives her, instead of what drives the male? What does the goddess desire? What does the goddess do with that desire and do as a result of that desire?

Lynda Phelan is currently studying for her MA Art in the Contemporary World, at NCAD. Lynda graduated from IADT with a BA Honours in Visual Art Practice in 2007 and obtained a Higher Certificate in Psychology & Jungian Psychology in 2009 & 2011 respectively.

“All Man is an idea for which the time has come! A smart and provokative concept, with a great woman curator with a lot to say.”Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., Post Porn Artist and Ecosexual Activist.

Dr. Aine Phillips has written a piece of text to accompany All Man: The Show