Martin Creed Live

Sat Nov 30 | 8pm

Broadstone Studios

22 Harcourt terrace Dublin 2

Ticket €10

Tickets for the Martin Creed Solo Performance are available from Broadstone Studios:

Please email titling email “Martin Creed Gig”

This is the closing event for current exhibition at Broadstone Studios:

Broadstone Invited Artists

Paul Hallahan

a lamb lies down

November 14 – 30 | 2013

A lamb lies down looks to, takes from, lines itself alongside and hopefully adds to the narratives and concepts looked at in a seminal 1970’s progressive rock album. Guided by the themes and narratives within the album and the story written alongside the album, as well as the albums position in music history, the exhibition brings together a number of artist’ works to be shown in brodastone studios. A lamb lies down brings together these works with the hope to add too ideas brought up within the exhibitions starting point.

Paul Hallahan

Broadstone invited artists


David Eager-Maher

Mark McGreevy

Lee Welch

Rachael Corcoran

Adrian Duncan

Beagles and Ramsay

Martin Healy

Ricky Adam

Vanessa Donoso López

Jonathan Mayhew