Spelling Dystopia & Narita Field Trip

Art in the Contemporary World graduate, Barry Kehoe, curates Spelling Dystopia & Narita Field Trip by Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani opening in MART, Rathmines on Wed October 1st 2014

An exhibition of two video works by Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani in the Mart Gallery in October 2014 with promotional support by the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the Goethe Institut, The German Embassy and Japanese Embassy. This will include an opening talk (book here) and a participatory workshop run by the artists. There will also be other talks and seminars held during the course of the exhibition involving the National College of Art and Design and the Institute of Art Design and Technology Dun laoghaire. During the four week run the two video works that will be shown are:

Narita Field Trip, looks at how two Tokyo teenagers deal with the experience of encountering a farming community that is fighting against the expansion of Narita airport, a development that threatens to swallow and destroy their farms, homes, livelihood and community. (HD, colour, stereo, 30 min. 2010)

Spelling Dystopia, is a film that explores a community’s memory of the abandoned coal mining centre, Hashima Island, once the most densely populated place on earth, now known as the backdrop for teen horror movie Battle Royale and as a home for Bond villains. (HD,16:9, 2 channel video installation, colour, stereo, 17:25 min)

Irish Film Institute Screening October 2014
There will be a single screening of I live in fear After March 11 hosted by the Experimental Film Club that concerns life in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster to be held in the IFI with an artist talk and open discussion.
book here