In Portents

// In Portents. A Screening by Kevin A Freeney, Hannah Fitz & Tanad Williams // Block T // Wed. 25 Feb. 6pm // featuring accompanying text by current ACW MA candidate Eimear Walshe

In Portents is a video work that flattens out an intersection between Hannah Fitz’s Sculpture, Tanad Williams’s Text and Kevin Freeney’s Video. By layering the work in this way the artists are submitting to systems of distraction, watching works be made and un-made in their relations to one another.

In Portents shows a sculpture by Fitz held in the direct and un-ending gaze of Freeney’s camera. It is made up of moulded lenticular prints; bent images show corners of fruit and foliage, half appearing before they flick in the light or slide into the edge of another image. Tanad Williams’ mouth labours through his text, obstructed by a gobstopper sweet. The images conjured by the text are flipped and distorted, moulded (like the sculpture) to be caught at the turning point of one image into another. The video fastens voice and object onto a blank grey horizon; sculpture, text, and video itself move within an infinite loop.

This Exhibition is kindly Supported by The Arts Council of Ireland. Opening Reception Kindly Sponsored by The Dice Bar, Wed. 25 Feb. 6pm.

Exhibition Continues: 26th February – 11th March; Monday – Friday 9am – 7pm.