Morgan Quaintance

We are delighted to welcome our new IMMA/ACW fellow Morgan Quaintance.

Morgan is a London-based writer, musician, broadcaster and curator. Born in South London in 1979, he is a regular contributor to Art Monthly, Art Review, Frieze, and a number of curatorial sites and blogs. He is a contributing editor for E-Flux’s online publishing portal Art Agenda, and is a founding member of the curatorial collective DAM PROJECTS. As a presenter he currently works with the BBC’s flagship arts programme The Culture Show, and is also the producer of Studio Visit, a weekly hour-long interview show broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM, featuring international contemporary artists as guests.

Below is a brief summary of the topics Moran will be covering in the course of his ACW seminars:

The sessions will be based around casting a sceptical and investigative eye over various contemporary cultural phenomena. We’ll be looking at the internet, intersectionality, the power of images, popular music, consciousness, identity and the nature of the self. It may sound complicated and dry, but our entry point into each of these areas will be short and accessible texts, podcasts, music and film.

The idea is that we’ll be able to make our way towards and through complex ideas from quite simple materials. Each session will be a mix of about 35% group discussion based on whatever text or audio visual material has been sent out, 15% short presentations on each topic from myself, and 10% screenings of work by contemporary artists.