Out There, Thataway – Public Seminar and new playlist
Public Seminar

Saturday 19th September, 12pm – 2pm *NOTE CHANGE TO EARLIER TIME*

Francis Halsall and Declan Long, Paul Ennis, Ayesha Hameed

Join us on Saturday 19th September at NOON for a public seminar further exploring ideas around ‘territories beyond knowledge’ that run through our current exhibition, Out There, Thataway. The seminar will begin with a curators’ talk/tour with with Francis Halsall and Declan Long, who will introduce the themes and starting points of the exhibition.

Philosopher Paul Ennis will discuss the nature of speculation beyond the limits of human knowledge as found in contemporary philosophy where the questions of territory, the elsewhere, and solitude come to the fore through rare moments of aesthetic flair.

Artist and academic Ayesha Hameed will present a series of sounds and images she has been collecting in an assembly called Black Atlantis – a project that looks at the Black Atlantic and its afterlives in contemporary illegalised migration at sea, in oceanic environments, through Afrofuturistic dancefloors and soundsystems, and in outer space. Using Walter Benjamin’s concept of the dialectical image she will examine how to think through sound, image, water, violence and history as elements of an active archive; and time travel as an historical method. A majority of these elements will be presented in unlikely pairs, juxtaposed with one another and Hameed will trace what residues these pairings leave.

More information about the seminar speakers can be found here. This is a free event and everyone is welcome. Seats are limited so please contact us at info@cca-derry-londonderry.org to book your place.

New Out There, Thataway playlist:

Out There, Thataway is accompanied by a series of specially commissioned playlists which are released weekly and are available online and in CCA’s library space. The latest playlist is compiled by art historian and critic Nuit Banai, who received her PhD in Art History from Columbia University before joining the Department of Visual and Critical Studies at Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in 2007. Since 2014, she is Professor of Contemporary Art in the Department of Art History at the University of Vienna. Her research interests focus on the post-war and contemporary construction of new publics through the visual arts, especially in Europe and the Middle East. Her book on Yves Klein recently appeared as part of the ‘Critical Lives’ published by Reaktion in London (2014).

You can listen Nuit’s selection here on CCA’s SoundCloud account, where you can also find other Out There, Thataway playlists compiled by Lane Relyea, Associate Professor and Chair of Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University and the Editor-in-Chief of Art Journal; Francis Halsall, Out There, Thataway co-curator, academic and writer; and artist Jonathan Mayhew.

New playlists will be released every week during the run of the exhibition, which ends on Saturday 26th September 2015. Out There, Thataway is curated through dialogue between Francis Halsall, Declan Long, and CCA, and includes work by Stephen Brandes, Nathan Coley, Aleana Egan, Fergus Feehily, Kevin Gaffney, Rana Hamadeh, and Merlin James.