Systems>Networks – Photography and the Legacy of Conceptual Art

03 Jun 2016: 9.30am to 5.30pm

Photography was integral to conceptual art, as document and language. Assumed to be flat and inexpressive, its use is often revisited as a matter of aesthetics. What is less often addressed is the role of photography in conceptual art’s deployment and critique of systems, whether aesthetic, philosophical, technological, social or political. In the data flows that make up contemporary culture, systems have become networks, the image is central to the dissemination of information and affect, and art practices have continued to engage with and intervene in this changing reality. This symposium will investigate the legacy for photography of this crucial aspect of conceptual art.

Keynote Speakers:
Francis Halsall
John Hilliard

Emma Charles
Peter Liversidge
Karen Newman
Daniel Rubinstein
Paul Tebbs
Duncan Wooldridge
Carey Young

Esther Teichmann
Anne Williams

9.30am Coffee
10am Symposium
5.30pm Symposium ends/Reception

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Esther Teichmann:

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Image © Ana Escobar