D-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-c-e & R-e-p-e-t-i-t-i-o-n

D-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-c-e & R-e-p-e-t-i-t-i-o-n

The Brothers of Charity, led by
Karl Burke & Padraig Cunningham
Roscommon Art Centre
Opening 6.00-7.30pm, 19th January 2018

This exhibition, “Difference and Repetition”, is the second instalment in a series of workshops designed and implemented by artists Karl Burke and Padraig Cunningham with Roscommon based Brothers of Charity groups.

The workshops were primarily concerned with material and making, focusing on hands on approach. This covered a range of artistic practices including sound/music, drawing and painting, collage, clay modelling, performance and video. With the guidance of the lead artists this allowed the participants to improvise within the terms of the material catering for invention of new meanings and stories. A number of these workshops took place in the theatre space at the Roscommon Arts Centre allowing for both individual interventions and making as well as a group voice in a collaborative vein. The theatre stage allowed the participants to move between being a performer at one point to taking a seat as an audience member another, maker and viewer.

A large, slightly raised platform or stage will be positioned in the gallery referring to the contact between performer and audience, viewer and artist. This stage is an initiation to collaborate. A number of microphones are positioned directly onto the surface so that the stage is now live, waiting to be alive with sound.

About the Arts & Disability Project
Supported by Roscommon County Council Arts Office in partnership with Roscommon Arts Centre, this project is aimed at developing partnerships between artists and wider Roscommon communities while also encouraging learning’s in new media for the participants.

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