María del Buey at 11th En Red Symposium: “Of Body and Experiment”

Friday October 25th at Medialab Prado, Madrid – 6pm

ACW Graduate María del Buey will take part in the 11th Symposium In Network, hosted by Media-Lab Prado in Madrid, organised by the AMEE (Association of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art of Spain) and supported by Madrid City Council.

The Symposium will take place over three days on October 24, 25 and 26, 2019.



“Sounding body as sonar body or local positioning system”

María del Buey proposes an approach to the body as cartographer, topologist, expeditionary, in analogous relation to the processes of creation and accumulation of capital.

Thus, if the consuetudinary power of large capitals has been due more to connectivity than extension, what geometrisation of bodies will require the movement that is thought of as emancipatory?

“Sounding body as sonar body or local positioning system” frames human corporeality as a sensorial system for orientation within the contemporary urban environment. A corporeality that is both emitter and receiver of sound, able to discern the source, direction and meaning of what it perceives, but also capable of reproducing and creating sound even when not listening, is used as a system of local positioning appropriate for the subjective reappropriation of space.

This presentation imagines the possibility of a spatialized and corporeal cognitive mapping, with an outcome necessarily different from what we usually think of as a map.


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