Open Call: SYSTEMS, Science Gallery Dublin

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Open from 3rd December 2019, 11:45am GMT to 31st January 2020, 11:45am GMT

Results by 28th March

Keywords: Infrastructure Network Subversive Investigative Surveillance Data Critical systems



When we update a status, send a group message, or add a filter what are the processes that occur beneath the interface? Where is the cloud and who controls it? What is the environmental impact of our networked society? Who really owns our data? What is the impact of the individual parts that make up the whole? Have we designed a world of systems we control, or are they controlling us? 

In a time of heightened global crisis, the systems that shape our world are becoming increasingly fragile. While ecosystems are being destroyed, political processes are being manipulated, economic structures exploited and personal networks eroded, all of which are further exacerbated by our increased dependency on technological and automated systems. 

Yet how much do we really know of these systems? How are they all connected, and what are the infrastructures and networks upon which they are built? How do we find out? How can we navigate, probe, critique and challenge them?

This exhibition will explore the many different systems that form our contemporary networked society. We welcome proposals that highlight, investigate and test these systems, or offer alternative ones for an uncertain future.

We’re looking for artists, designers, technologists, activists, journalists (citizen, alternative and mainstream), hackers and pranksters, academics and engineers to propose exhibits, workshops, interventions or projects that will help us untangle the many complex systems, both visible and invisible, that surround us. 

Potential directions and topics: 

+ Alternative and imaginary systems: countercultures, subversive, DIY and DIWO

+ Critical takes on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks

+ Automated and Networked systems: Taking back control

+ Hidden infrastructures: Identification and investigation

+ Ecological systems

+ Biosystems 

+ Human centred design

+ Infrastructures of global trade and economy

+ Critical interrogations of black-boxed systems and artifacts

+ Network innovations including smart cities and 5G

+ Cybernetics 

+ Social justice and injustice: Infrastructures of migration and movement  

+ Surveillance capitalism

+ The politics of platforms and protocols

+ Mesh and low-power wide-area networks

+ Digital colonialism and data sovereignty 

Curatorial Panel:

Linda Doyle, Dean of Research and Professor of Engineering and The Arts, Trinity College Dublin

Sarah Grant, Artist & Educator

Francis Halsall, Co-Director Masters in Art in the Contemporary World, National College of Art & Design, Dublin

Joana Moll, Artist, Researcher and Co-founder of the Critical Interface Research Group at Hangar (BCN)

Ciaran O’Neill, Ussher Assistant Professor in Nineteenth-Century History and Community Liaison Officer, Trinity College Dublin

Full details on the Science Gallery Dublin website.

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