REWIND << FASTFORWARD >> RECORD : Revising the Rainbow (RFR)

Running in IMMA from 24 March – 13 April, the RFR project is run by ACW alumni Hannah Tiernan, Brendan Fox, and Aoife Banks, and is

“aimed at engaging with LGBTQ+ community groups on a national platform to uncover queer histories and expand their retelling and relevance through artistic interpretation. Through a series of talks, tours, workshops and personal accounts RFR will develop a body of creative responses to be presented as a touring exhibition to regional locations across the country.

As part of each regional exhibition, a further series of local talks and workshops will generate new creative responses expanding the material as it tours to each location. This cumulative material will form both a historical and a contemporary archive of hidden queer histories and current perspectives of RFR participants. RFR is an exploration of queer identity; past and present, and aims to connect us with both our history and our community.

By better understanding our past, we can ensure a more visible and equal future

The programme includes:
Friday 24 March, 1PM – Diana Bamimeke, Brendan Fox and Hannah Tiernan in conversation, exploring “some of the rationales and methodologies behind the project”.

Monday 04 April – Podcast release: “Living Through the AIDS Pandemic and the Legacy of the Quilt
Izzy Kamikaze, Dr Patrick McDonagh and Kate Drinane”

Wednesday 30 Match, 6PM – Series of lectures and conversation, looking at the “troubled histories of LGBT+ people spanning turbulent periods in Irish history that saw a concerted campaign to police and repress same-sex desire, resulting in hundreds of gay men being incarcerated for homosexual offenses and same sex desires”.

Saturday 02 April – Curator’s tour with Seán Kissane, curator of The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now: Queer Embodiment


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