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Article Archive for December 2008

Training Ground – Aernout Mik @ Project

December 16, 2008 – 3:38 pm | Comments Off

Everything feels right at first glance in Training Ground. The scene is set in recognisable terms and the usual actors seem present – the authorative police force, the beat-down “non-nationals”/”illegal immigrants” and the casual truck …

‘Training Ground’, Project Arts Centre

December 16, 2008 – 3:36 pm | Comments Off

Aernout Mik’s video installation Training Ground now showing at The Project Arts Centre, Dublin is a performative take on the naturalisation processing of individuals. The action takes place on two screens, each screen filming the …

Short Reviews: Post for general feedback and responses

December 13, 2008 – 3:35 pm | Comments Off

Following the discussion on Friday, we’ll begin using this space to post reviews from the Project and Four gallery exhibitions visited recently. The idea was to gather a series of short responses to these exhibitions …