What Do You Stand For Now: : Who’s Afraid of Solidarity?

Sat. 31st March, 2012
12.30 – 4.30 pm
National College of Art and Design, (Harry Clarke Lecture Theatre), Dublin

What Do You Stand For: Who’s Afraid of Solidarity? is a public seminar and discussion that looks at some artistic and curatorial practices from the last few decades in Ireland. In particular they all proposed methods and models of display and distribution to run alongside established, mainstream and institutional practices. These are projects that unfolded and developed both distinct practices and audiences. They thus represent examples of different attitudes and strategies that can be taken in relation to organizing art both inside and out of institutions.

This public seminar follows on from last year’s successful What Do You Stand For? event. This was a day of short presentations and public discussion that identified and articulated the wide variety of emergent spaces, collectives, affiliations and initiatives that are sustaining a vibrant and dynamic arts scene across Ireland today. This event is part of a developing research project that aims to capture certain processes and practices of display and distribution of contemporary art in Ireland. It also coincides with a rolling exhibition of alternative curatorial projects at NCAD Gallery.

Contributions will include those from: Valerie Connor; Mark Garry; Garrett Phelan; Sarah Pierce; and others including members of The Enquiry, Gradcam.

For more information visit the project website: http://cargocollective.com/whatdoyoustandfor/

Or contact the conveners: Vaari Claffey (curator/ Gracelands) [vaari@ireland.com ] or Francis Halsall (coordinator, MA ACW at NCAD) [halsallf@ncad.ie ]