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RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24
Preview: Fri 27th Sep, 6pm – 8pm

‘Co-location’ is a solo exhibition of new work by Fiona Marron completed while on residency at RUA RED. The exhibition encompasses elements of video and sculptural installation, which together, through a number of researched histories, examine value systems and probe the dynamic infrastructure behind current international channels of trade.

Through engaging in a process of enquiry surrounding a transformational period in Chicago’s trading history, the crossovers between the worlds of science fiction and global finance are considered within the exhibition Co-location. In focus is a key figure of that history, former chairman of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, who accredits the major changes he implemented in computerising financial trading to ideas first imagined in his sci-fi writing of the eighties. Alongside his several published titles in the line of finance, his only published sci-fi title can be seen as the catalyst for the worlds first futures electronic trading platform, and a consequential step towards the proliferation of trades made globally today.
In the course of following up one such history, other tangential histories have emerged and are explored within Co-location. The advancement of fibre optic technology has been paramount to the developments in global trading, facilitating the current widespread practice of high frequency trading (HFT), a volatile and contentious activity. As a system, its operations are internet dependent and thus rooted in a physical network of sub-sea and earth optical fibre cables, an infrastructure which also becomes relevant in the exhibitions manifestation. With questions around the importance of geographical specificity another fundamental concern, the work engages consideration around the nature of time-space compression. 

Fiona Marron was born in Co. Monaghan in 1987. She graduated from Fine Art at Dublin Institute of Technology in 2009 and is currently completing an MA in Visual Arts Practice, IADT Dun Laoghaire. Solo exhibitions include ‘Last and First Men’ at The Joinery, Dublin (2011),  ‘As Topic and Tool’ at The Joinery (2010) and ‘For Who Knows What’ at FOUR, Dublin (2009). Group exhibitions include ‘At the level of entitiy’, The LAB, Dublin (2013) ‘Construct #1′ at Monster Truck Gallery, ‘Portrait of Space’ at Clonlea Studios, Dublin (2011), ‘Hidden Memories, Lost Traces’ at Sinopale: Third Sinop Biennial, Turkey, ‘Switch: As Process’ at Catalyst Arts, Belfast (2010) and Reverse Pedagogy III, Model Arts & Niland Gallery, Sligo (2009).

Dates:  21 Sep – 16 Nov

Time:   Mon to Sat, 10am – 6pm

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Dark Matter

Dark Matter
Bio Space 033,
33 Charles Street West,
Dublin 7

Opening Wednesday 18th, 6pm
Wednesday 18th – Saturday 21st September

Dark Matter’ is an exhibition, which is the result of the first collaboration between the two Dublin based artist collectives ArtHouse and Lauren Ipsom. This show highlights the relevance of and contribution made by art collectives in Dublin. It provides a glimpse into the minds of emerging cultural producers. ‘Dark Matter’ exhibits a collection of individuals’ work which is emboldened by the very nature of their association. By adopting a multi-linear approach to the theme of exposure ArtHouse and Lauren Ipsom expose the viewer to the visceral aspect of contemporary art outside the established hegemony. Dark matter, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is ‘non-luminous material which is postulated to exist in space’. This exhibition hopes to peel back and reveals the obscured unknown, but luminous, underbelly of the visual arts in Dublin.

Dona Stankune
Fergal Mac Pháidín
Ian Nolan
Niall Conroy
Róisín Power Hackett
Shota Kotake
Steph Gallagher
Stephen Maguire

ArtHouse is a Dublin based multidisciplinary art collective of graduates from NCAD and DIT. It was established in April 2012 by Ian Nolan, Stephanie Gallagher, Ruth Kerr, Nollaig Molloy, Aisling Ní Chlaonadh, Dona Stankune, Amanda Doran and Róisín Power Hackett. Since then we have been working to address the lack of affordable exhibition spaces and artists’ studios in Dublin for emerging artists. We focus on exhibiting our work and on community arts projects. Currently we are working towards fundraising for projects and exhibitions.

Lauren Ipsom is a multidisciplinary artist collective comprised of graduate from NCAD and IADT. The group was formed as a hub for skill sharing and working collaborations but most importantly as a way to gain leverage in the search for new, unused studio spaces. It quickly became apparent to us that our shared interest in the vacant space situation in Dublin City centre was something that we were all willing to focus on in the hope of revitalising the more derelict quarters of the city. We worked on creating an identity for the group in order that we may perhaps be able to subvert some of the obstacles that stand in the way of rejuvenating these derelict spaces. Established May 2012, organised by Shota Kotake, Fearghal MacPháidín, Brian Carton, Stephen Maguire, Fergal Cooke.

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