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‘The Landis Museum’ opening at CCA Derry

CCA is pleased to invite you to the opening of The Landis Museum.

Bianca Baldi, Irina Gheorghe, Helena Hamilton, Dorothy Hunter (ACW student), Alex Impey, Kapwani Kiwanga, Nina Liebenberg, Phillip McCrilly, Sarah Pierce (ACW coordinator), Katrina Sheena Smyth, Alexandra Sukhareva. Devised by James N. Hutchinson and Chapter Thirteen.

‘The Landis Museum’ is a museum of encounter. It is based on the methodology of Mark Landis, a man who – in late 2010 – became the subject of a number of international newspaper articles that characterised him as an art-world fraud; a forger who had been fooling museums by donating fake paintings and drawings for nearly twenty-five years. But such a characterisation is only one aspect of what was at play in Landis’ activities, and it may obscure what makes his work useful and interesting. For Landis, the motivation appears to have been as much about the interaction with the institution as it was about his work’s inclusion in museum collections. ‘The Landis Museum’ is a site for exploring the legacies of – or traces left by – moments of encounter, or generating central points through which new moments of encounter can be enacted.

The museum is displayed in a sculptural structure, designed specifically to house the objects, texts and videos. It brings together seven international artists, gathered because they share something in their mode of operation, their starting points, or the manner in which they seek to be read.

Devised by James N. Hutchinson, ‘The Landis Museum’ was initially shown at Chapter Thirteen as part of Glasgow International, 2018. CCA is presenting a new iteration of the project, adding a local annex to the museum.

The local annex consists of a series of one-day residencies that respond to the travelling exhibition. The residencies are choreographed encounters between the existing works and four artists based in Northern Ireland. The artists in residence are invited to use the gallery as their studio and to stage a ‘public moment’ that may be, for instance, a lecture, performance, meal, or workshop. Please check our website for details of upcoming events.

Opening Events

6:30 pm – Talk: James N. Hutchinson will talk about the time he spent with Mark Landis in the weeks following his exposure in the press, and will offer the opportunity to see and handle a number of objects made by Landis that do not appear in the exhibition.

7:00 pm – Exhibition opening

8:00 pm – Performance: ‘Foreign Language for Beginners’ (2015 – ongoing) is a performance work by Irina Gheorghe that explores the dynamics and history of a potential first contact through speech, sound and movement. It is a conversation with the world outside the word, by way of word, inside a room. The performance starts with simple messages that were composed and gathered by the SETI Institute to be sent into outer space. As the performance progresses, the mode of address, the language and the situation become increasingly uncanny.

The opening is a free event and refreshments will be provided.

This exhibition and associated events are made possible through the generous support of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and with the further support of Culture Ireland and Glasgow International.

More info:

Image credit: Kapwani Kiwanga, ‘The Secretary’s Suite’, 2016, video still

Julia Dubsky | Salon of Good Time, TBG+S Opening

Studio 16 | Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

Opening on Wednesday 23 May, 6-8pm
Continuing to Wednesday 30 May

Opening hours:
11 – 6pm | Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Sunday and Monday by arrangement

Salon Of Good Time is an upcoming show which concludes friend of ACW Julia Dubsky’s year-long Graduate Residency at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, which has taken place in studio 16.

Over the course of the residency, her work has become bolder in scale and colour, while continuing to question nuances of painting. A personal desire for possibilities beyond impasses has spawned inversions throughout the work – light layers cover dark grounds; dabs are drawn from negative space; receding colours are foregrounded; hot colours cooled and vice versa. Poppyseed oil (which is clear in colour) was used in place of linseed oil for mixing paints, to grant more agency in temperature and tone.

On this occasion, there is an abundance of paintings filling the room. Some lean against the wall, perched on bubblewrap in anticipation of being moved, packed up or turned around. This mode of display consciously suggests a kind of engagement: that of a studio visit. Titles and figurative marks feature more prominently now in narrating the visual language; while varieties of time continue to be recorded in the paintings among layers and marks.

An accompanying text will be written by the TBG+S curator, Rayne Booth.

Julia will give an artist talk as part of the Basic Space talks in Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Friday, 18 May, 1pm. The talk will touch on: departing from pathos, jealousy and scarcity, preparations/rehearsals, the grid, narrative through style and titles, paint applications signifying readymades, graffiti, spokes, double negative (representation), smuggling, intrinsic value?, hard edge, Persian calligraphy paintings, penumbra, viridian, red and blue, perception studies … with possible reference to Donna Haraway, Isabelle Graw, Bini Adamczak, Marge Piercy, Djuna Barnes and Clarice Lispector.

Julia Dubsky (b. 1990, Dublin),was awarded the Recent Graduate Residency in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios for one year, beginning in May 2017, after graduating from the National College of Art and Design in 2016, from Fine Art and Visual Culture. Since then, Dubsky has been based in Dublin, London and Berlin. In October 2018, she will join the class of Jutta Koether in Hamburg University of Art.

Image: Julia Dubsky, Baby Sharing, 2018, oil on canvas, 96 x 80 x 2.5cm
More information HERE

The Political and the Public – Talk at the National Gallery of Ireland

Thursday 10th May, 6.00pm, National Gallery of Ireland.

This event discusses Colour is Life through the lens of the politics of art in the public sphere. Drawing from key theorists discussed during the MA seminar, Politics of Participation. The event will take the form of two short introductions on a specific aspect of interest followed by a panel discussion led by the ACW course team.

Organised by GUM collective members Stephen Lau and Sadbh O’Brien, in collaboration with Masters Programs, Art in the Contemporary World at National College of Art and Design, Dublin

More info at :

Image and artwork by Sofya Mikhaylova

Open Call for Curators for New Spaces Project, Derry

Application deadline extension: Friday 11 May

Visual Artists Ireland, Northern Ireland invite curators to take part in New Spaces. This year long project offers four emerging curators the unique opportunity to develop all aspects of their practice by providing the space and budget to produce four exhibitions with artists of their selection, mentorship from experienced curators Mary Cremin (Void), Sara Greavu (CCA Derry~Londonderry) alongside two other high profile curators based in Northern Ireland and assistance throughout from project officers Rob Hilken & Anne Marie McKee.

New Spaces is a programme of 16 contemporary art exhibitions in four unconventional spaces across the Derry City and Strabane District Council area. Curators will be selected from an open call and will each produce four exhibitions over an eight month period. Each exhibition will run for up to 4 weeks.

View the full project brief here: New Spaces – Call for Curators

Project Aims

● Create opportunities for artists and curators
● Increase the number of skilled arts professionals/producers
● Retain talent in the region
● Develop long-term private sector partners
● Enhance the reputation of Derry City and Strabane as a centre of artistic excellence


The programme will include a programme of support and mentoring for selected curators that will be delivered by Visual Artists Ireland in partnership with local arts partners, Void gallery, CCA, Derry~Londonderry, and Nerve Visual. The mentoring programme will see participants work with experienced curators to develop their proposals, gain project management skills and enhance their professional networks.

Mary Cremin, New Spaces project mentor and Director of Void Gallery, has recently been selected to curate the Irish Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennale.

A two-day workshop – Project Management for the Visual Arts – will be delivered within the first month of the project.

The Spaces

We are currently in the process of finalising the venue partners. Venues will be high footfall, unconventional spaces in the Derry City and Strabane District Council. Confirmed at this stage are the Walled City Brewery, Gwyn’s Café and Pavilion, Brooke Park and The Cottage, Craft Village. The final venue is to be confirmed.

Curators will each produce four exhibitions, one in each of the four venues. It is anticipated that the first exhibitions of the programme will open on 23rd June 2018. The details of all exhibitions in the programme should be finalised prior to the programme going to print at the beginning of June.


● Curators will receive a fee of £250 per exhibition
● There is a fee of £200 per artist or artist collective (one fee per exhibition)
● There is a limited budget available for travel and transportation
● There is a limited budget available for installation costs

Each exhibition has a budget for one artist, or artist collective. There is also a limited budget for transportation of artworks and installation costs. Budgets must agreed in advance with the project officer. Special consideration should be given to project logistics within proposals. VAI artist payment guidelines dictate that the available fee will not be suitable for experienced artists or commissioning new work.

How to Apply

Curators are invited to submit proposals for two exhibitions according to the brief.

● Outlined proposal for Walled City Brewery and Gwyn’s Café and Pavilion, Brooke Park
● Covering letter that outlines your suitability according to the criteria outlined in the brief (no more than one side of A4)
● CV

Send your applications to:

If you have any questions about the position please contact Rob Hilken on the above email address or by telephone on 028 9587 0361

Principal Funder Arts Council NI through Lottery Funds in partnership with Derry City and Strabane District Council.

More information at:

GUM Collective in Residency at the National Gallery

ACW Students Stephen Lau and Sadbh O’Brien as part of GUM Collective along with Aaron Smyth, Alex de Roeck, Aimee Gallagher, Ciara O’Brien Ciaran Gallen and Sofya Mikhaylova are undertaking a residency at the National Gallery from 1 – 30 April 2018.

“As part of the education and public programme for Emil Nodle: Colour is Life, GUM, a young artist collective, have been invited to engage with, and respond to the exhibition originally printmaking students fro the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, the members of GUM have evolved beyond print to embrace other art forms including sculpture, assemblage, video, performance, animation and paint. However, the community ethos and core sensibilities associated with printmaking continue to inform their practice.

For the month of April 2018, GUM will be based here in the Millennium Wing Studio at the National Gallery of Ireland. Working as artist in residence they will investigate the life and work of Emil Nolde, both through their individual art practices and via an evolving programme of education and public engagement activities. Detalis of these activities will be posted in advance outside the Millennium Wing Studio and on the Gallery’s social media accounts. The residency will culminate in a display of work produces by the collective. Open May|3|10|17|24|31. ”

#NoldeColourIsLife #NGIeducatoin #gumcollective

Rising From the Hill | Group Exhibition at NCAD Gallery

Rising From the Hill
Group Exhibition at NCAD Gallery
7th to 8th December
Reception on Friday 8 December, 4pm

Rising From the Hill takes the form of a process-based exhibition stemming from a six week long residency at Cow House Studios and collaboration with Art in the Contemporary World Masters Program in which artists were asked to explore and respond to the local environment and beyond. The artists in residence present their process, sketches and responses to a sense of place and connections to the environment of County Wexford, Ireland. Through on-going research, readings, material explorations, site visits and conversations with local residents of County Wexford the artists have focused on how society and human existence have shaped and defined the landscape.

The exhibition, curated by Francis Halsall and Kelley O’Brien will showcase the works of Artists in Residence, Angela Jeradi, Rowan Lear, Charlotte Lagro, and Martina O’Brien.

More information can be found at:

NCAD Gallery
100 Thomas St, Dublin 8
T: (01) 636 4390

IMMA & ACW Fellow Amelia Groom

Public Lecture, by Amelia Groom: Dense and Broken, on rocks, writing and pareidolia.
6pm, Friday November 10th Harry Clarke Lecture Theatre, NCAD, Thomas Street, Dublin.

This Autumn IMMA and NCAD will be joined by Dr Amelia Groom for the 2017 Art in the Contemporary World research and teaching residency. Amelia is an Australian writer based in Amsterdam, where she has taught theory and writing on MA programmes at the Sandberg Instituut since 2014. She completed her PhD in Art History & Theory at the University of Sydney, with a focus on ‘disorderly temporalities’ and the possibilities of anachronism for art historical methodologies. In 2013 she edited the Whitechapel Gallery / The MIT Press ‘Documents of Contemporary Art’ anthology on TIME. For the NCAD / IMMA residency, Amelia will be holding a series of seminars on minerality and embodiment. The seminars will draw from the work of a number of living artists, as well as various historical, mythological and geological phenomena – including Sailing Stones, Medusa, The Vocal Memnon and The Makapansgat Pebble – with the aim of working through questions about extraction, deep time, non-human ecologies, inorganic erotics, pearls, petrifications and other rocky relations.

Amelia will be leading the “Petrified” seminar at NCAD as part of the “Situations” seminar run by ACW:

In everyday language, stones will often stand for ‘inhuman’ emotionlessness – as when we speak of her blank stony stare, the stone cold killer, or somebody with a heart of stone. When something is as solid as a rock it does not break or shift; when it is set in stone, it is fixed and unchangeable. Again and again, rocks come in to language as the antithesis of change, outside of time, without process, stone dead. Beginning from the premise that rocks are not actually atemporal, ahistorical or apolitical, this seminar will be structured around various points of encounter and contamination across the biological and geological realms. Focusing on a range of artistic, literary, theoretical and mythological references, participants will explore questions pertaining to non-human ecologies, queer and feminist neo-materialisms, extraction, ‘deep time’, inorganic erotics, pearls, petrifications and other rocky relations.

More details to come.

Rising from the Hill: Local Systems in Global Contexts

Rising from the Hill: Local Systems in Global Contexts
Autumn Residency programme at Cow House Studios
30 October – 10 December 2017

Participating Artists: Angela Jerardi, Charlotte Lagro, Martina O’Brien, and Rowan Lear
Residency Curators: Kelley O’Brien & Dr Francis Halsall

Cow House Studios is thrilled to announce Angela Jerardi, Charlotte Lagro, Martina O’Brien, and Rowan Lear as the recipients of their 2017 Autumn Residency. With the generous support of Wexford County Council & The National College of Art & Design, Cow House Studios presents Rising from the Hill: Local Systems in Global Contexts, a 6-week residency that will explore and develop methods of giving aesthetic forms to real-life, situations. This residency was conceived in the spirit of meaningful exchange between practice and theory and as an outcome of ongoing collaborative projects between residency curators, Francis Halsall and Kelley O’Brien investigating social relations through the lens of systems.

You can read more about the residency, curators and participating artists on Cow House Studios website…

Image: Rowan Lear, She gestured meaningfully with the pistol, (2016-continuing), performance, video, images, drawings and décollage, exploring technological gesture, gendered labour, and the relationship between the body and the apparatus. Above: Hands ‘remembering’ the gestures of photographing with different cameras.

Lost in Papancha, Ways of Escape

Lost in Papancha, Ways of Escape
Michelle Hall
Exhibition Dates: Sept 28-Oct 21

ArtBox is delighted to announce the opening of artist Michelle Hall’s solo exhibition ‘Lost in Papancha, Ways of Escape’. This body of new work by Hall will preview at the gallery on Wednesday, Sept 27th (6-8pm), continuing until Oct 21st. This project is curated by Hilary Murray and kindly supported by the Fingal County Council Project Award.

Michelle Hall is an interdisciplinary artist and writer. Throughout her practice, she uses details, textures, words and objects to create works that examine modes of behaviour and thought. She is a recent graduate of the MA Art in the Contemporary World programme at NCAD and completed her BA Fine Art at DIT Portland Row in 2007. In 2016 Hall was jointly awarded the RC Lewis-Crosby Award at in the inaugural RDS Visual Art Awards. Her work has been selected for the upcoming StartPoint Prize exhibition, Prague, after which she will travel to London for a research residency with The CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF SUBSTRUCTURED LOSS. Hall has been awarded the Arts Council Film Bursary 2017, the Dublin City Council Tyrone Guthrie Residency and the Fingal County Council Project Award.

Rising from the Hill: Local Systems in Global Contexts

Cow House Studios Autumn Residency, 2017

With the generous support of Wexford County Council & The National College of Art & Design, Cow House Studios presents Rising from the Hill: Local Systems in Global Contexts, a 6-week residency that will explore and develop methods of giving aesthetic forms to real-life, situations. In particular, participants will respond to the local environment of Cow House Studios, in the rural Irish countryside of Wexford. Participants will be encouraged to use ideas, strategies, and metaphors of “systems” to consider the complex relationships between this local context and larger global systems such as economics, telecommunications, meteorology and so on.

This residency was conceived in the spirit of meaningful exchange between practice and theory and as an outcome of on-going collaborative projects between Francis Halsall and Kelley O’Brien investigating social relations through the lens of systems. This means to uncouple systems from individual humans and think of them, instead, as complex interactions of people, architecture, things, communications, and environments. In other words, individuals are not separate from their environments, but rather, an integral part of them.

Through structured conversations, readings, and site explorations residents will articulate different methods for aesthetically “mapping” the historical and contemporary context of Irish relations with global and social systems of power. Residency participants will be invited to develop a proposed project to be presented as both a visual record of research and development through a collaborative exhibition at the gallery at National College of Art & Design, Dublin and a published catalogue documenting the processes of the participants, visiting artists, academics and organisers.

The 6-week studio residency will be accompanied by a series of discussions and dinners led by Francis and Kelley as well as many visiting artists, curators, and academics. 4-6 individuals engaged in a variety of aesthetic practices will be selected to participate via open call process. Successful applicants will come to Rathnure and reside at Cow House Studios from October 30th, through December 10th, 2017.

Practitioners whose practices have strong conceptual and theoretical grounding are encouraged to apply; visual artists, performance artists, filmmakers, writers, architects, designers, thinkers, etc.

During the course of the residency, participants will have time to work independently on their proposed projects, experiment with new processes for exploring, understanding and mapping systems, work collaboratively to produce an exhibition (at NCAD, Dublin Dec. 2017) and subsequently a published outcome to serve as a platform for critical discussion on the interconnectedness of social systems and environments.

Read about the programme details and application process on Cow House Studios website…

The Centre For Dying On Stage: Performance Date & Times

The Centre For Dying On Stage
Performance by artists Jessica Foley, Marjorie Potiron & Lisa Hoffmann, Steven Randall, and Alex Mirutziu AKA The Artist and Himself at 29 (TAH29)

at Wexford Arts Centre
on Saturday 12 November 2016, at 3pm

Bus from IMMA – Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (departs at 12:30pm, returns by 9pm)

Please click here to purchase tickets.

Ticket includes entry to 3pm performance at Wexford Arts Centre, 5pm food and refreshments at Cow House Studios, Rathnure, Co Wexford and complimentary bus journey for Dublin-based visitors.

A group of strangers, international artists with diverse backgrounds and practices, are coming together to exchange ideas underpinned by a shared interest in matters of life and death, performance and disappearance.

Working under the aegis of The Centre For Dying On Stage, and based between Cow House Studios, Rathnure, and the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, the five participating artists have assembled on residency for five weeks of developing ideas before performing their findings live on stage.

Participating artists Jessica Foley, Marjorie Potiron & Lisa Hoffmann, Steven Randall, and Alex Mirutziu AKA The Artist and Himself at 29 (TAH29), and curator Kate Strain are delighted to present this experimental performance work at Wexford Arts Centre, on 12 November 2016.

For further information on the performance please refer to or

IMMA/ACW fellow Martin Waldmeier

We are delighted to welcome our new IMMA/ACW fellow Martin Waldmeier.

MA Programs, Art in the Contemporary World at National College of Art and Design, Dublin, working in collaboration with the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin will be hosting Martin as a Visiting Teaching and Research Resident Fellow this October.

Following an open call Martin was invited to develop and present his research on the theme: “Medium/ Platform/ System” This will involve a graduate seminar studio visits and public lectures.

Martin Waldmeier is a curator and researcher working on the intersections between art, language and globalisation. Martin recently completed his Ph.D. in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths (University of London), titled “The Artist as Translator”. His recent travelling exhibition, “The Translator’s Voice”, explored language identity in the global present and was awarded the FRAC Lorraine/MARCO Vigo/SFKM Førde Award for Young Curators.

As part of his residency at IMMA, Martin will teach an elective module in the “Art in the Contemporary World” programme at the National Academy of Art and Design. Taking the idea of “Lingua Franca” – also known as bridge language, common language or vehicular language – as a starting point, his module will explore how contemporary art connects with global publics, and what role language plays in this process. Is it important for artists to write and speak about their work? Who are they addressing? Is art a form of language, and if so, how universal can it be? How could we speak and write differently?

Previously, Martin studied Modern and Contemporary Art History and Curatorial Studies at the University of Bern (Switzerland), and Visual and Critical Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as Fulbright Scholar. Between 2009 and 2011 he worked as the Assistant Curator at PROGR Centre for Cultural Production, Bern, and as the Curator and Director of Stadtgalerie, Bern.

The residency program was initiated to develop connections between students on the Masters programs, Art in the Contemporary World and an international network of practitioners, writers and thinkers. Past residents have been the writer and broadcaster Morgan Quaintance and the academic and critic Noit Banai.

Art in the Contemporary World is a taught postgraduate programme that examines contemporary art practices and their critical, theoretical, historical and social contexts. Since being set up 10 years ago it has developed into one of Ireland’s leading forums for contemporary art discourse.

For more details contact the course directors: Francis Halsall [mail:] & Declan Long [mail:]

Or visit the course website:

I like to eat with my hands

Featuring work by: Taro Furukata, Ann Maria Healy, Claire Huber & KVM
Saturday 27th August at 3pm
Curated by RGKSKSRG

A bus will leave Dublin at 1pm and return to Dublin for 8pm.
To book a place on the bus (€5.50 return) please click here.

The exhibition I like to eat with my hands is the outcome of an artistic residency involving five contemporary, international artists. The participants were artists Taro Furukata and Ann Maria Healy, dancer/choreographer Claire Huber, and writer/artist duo KVM – Ju Hyun Lee and Ludovic Burel.

For a period of eight-weeks in autumn last year, they re-located their practices to the deeply rural environment of Cow House Studios, situated on a working farm in the foothills of the Blackstairs Mountains, County Wexford, Ireland.

Together, they immersed themselves in research between the studios, the land and the shared accommodation, to create new work, share skills, and reflect on their own and others’ individual practices. Within this activity, the question was asked: can situating oneself within these new ‘Pig Earth’ surroundings potentially radicalise an existing working process?

Our answer comes to you in the form of this exhibition. It comes in the lonesomeness of Taro Furukata’s poignant attempts to assimilate (physically metabolising new spaces in the sanctity of his actual body) and to reach back home (phoning his Grandma for hand-me-down recipes); in Claire Huber’s struggle out of the physical and metaphysical confines of the body (dancing with and in nature in a wild and comic reach for meaning); in Ann Maria Healy’s search for spiritual guidance or resonance amongst dated mythological traditions (removed and ritualised in their almost but not quite kitsch physical form), and in KVM’s more than skin-deep transference of cultural mores (echoes of nasty cultural realities, warts and all).

RGKSKSRG is the paired curatorial practice of Rachael Gilbourne and Kate Strain.

Image (top): Taro Furukata, Asian Supermarket Lantern, 2015; floor lamp, Asian supermarket’s plastic bag.
Image (bottom): Ann Maria Healy, Beating to be real, 2016, HD video still.

Research, scholarship and study opportunities: Art in the Contemporary World, Dublin

The National College of Art and Design is delighted to announce two opportunities in Dublin, Ireland.

(1) “Medium/ Platform/ System”
ACW research and teaching residency in collaboration with The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA)

MA/ MFA Art in the Contemporary World, National College of Art & Design, Dublin in collaboration with the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), is now inviting applications for its autumn (2016) research and teaching residency.

This residency is open to writers, artists, curators, educators and other practitioners who have published writings in the field of contemporary art. It will begin around Oct. 2016, and have a duration of up to five weeks.

The selected applicant will be provided with a residential space at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and will receive a stipend. During this time they will be expected to deliver presentations on their own research interests in the context of the Art in the Contemporary World’s Master’s programme, as well as lead a number of seminars and conversations relating to the research residency’s theme “Medium/ Platform/ System”

For more details on Art in the Contemporary World contact Francis Halsall and Declan Long:

Please go to for more information about the IMMA studio programme. Further information about the research residency can be found HERE

Deadline for applications:  Monday 30th May, 2016

(2) Postgraduate scholarship for MA studies:

Following the successes of the two Master’s programmes offered by the faculty of Visual Culture at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, a scholarship worth full tuition fees will be awarded to a student in either the MA Art in the Contemporary World or the MA Design History and Material Culture. The scholarship will be awarded on academic merit and all applicants are eligible, including EU and non-EU students.

For more information (including application procedures) on these opportunities and the research environment in the Faculty of Visual Culture at NCAD, visit:

Deadline for scholarship applications: April 29th 2016

You may also contact the programme directors:

Declan Long, / Francis Halsall, (Art in the Contemporary World)

Anna Moran, (MA Design History & Material Culture)
Other enquiries:

How to Flatten a Mountain

How to Flatten a Mountain Artist Residency

May 23 – June 1, 2016

PhotoIreland & Cow House Studios present a unique 10-day residency coordinated by Ángel luis González, Frank Abruzzese, and Kate Strain.

A dynamic group of curators and creative practitioners have been assembled to lead a series of day-long projects, discussions and critiques resulting in new works and an exhibition to be presented at Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin during PhotoIreland Festival 2016.

How to Flatten a Mountain is a residency open to emerging and mid-career visual artists whose practice in whole or part, makes use of digital or analogue photographic processes. Applicants must be 20 or older and may be enrolled in third level or graduate degree programmes. Applicants should be sure to present a cohesive body of recent work along with accompanying artist statement.

The aim of this 10-day residency is for participating artists to explore possibilities outside their core practice, work collaboratively and produce a cohesive exhibition/publication of work to be presented at PhotoIreland Festival 2016.

Read more about the residency and application guidelines at

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