Fragments – Vanya Lambrecht-Ward

The Market Studios Unit H
corner Mary’s Lane and Halston Street, Smithfield , Dublin 7

Opening reception: 6pm – 8pm Thursday 12th January 2012.
Exhibition continues: 13th – 15th January, Daily from 12-6pm.

Over two years new work developed alongside conversation, research and writing as part of the Masters Art in the Contemporary World at NCAD. Endless debate and a wealth of information do not always result in cohesion but mostly presents a multitude and unending stream of ideas and opinion. The Exhibition is centred on our built environment, our encounter with it and perceptions of it.

We know we cannot merely reduce spaces to geometric equations and expect to receive an outcome that tells of the fundamental nature of the room, or the sum of parts. In the same way that we cannot eliminate the ephemeral from a picture or only consider the mortar and bricks that demarcate the voids that we inhabit. Nor can we just speak of the surfaces, the temperature, the mood or the function of the space, and never do all these elements meet simultaneously.

Fragments is a culmination of thinking around photography, materiality, memory, perceived reality and the making of space. Consisting of a series of fragments and possibility in the form of Text objects, photographs as matter and stuff as ideas.