Critical Bastards Magazine: Call for Submissions

Critical Bastards Magazine is a month handmade A5 magazine. The magazine is dedicated to reviewing visual art exhibitions and public art in cities across the island. Critical Bastards is also a dedicated forum for the discussion of contemporary art issues. The magazine is made by artists who wish to engage with art viewing on an active level. Print editions are available in Belfast, online editions are available on

We are seeking submissions for Issue 7 around the theme of “Contemporary Art Criticism in Ireland”. Any article should be approx. 500 words and can be a review of an exhibition/event/art organisation, an interview, or an exploration of a visual art issue. Creative writing is always welcomed. The submission deadline for this issue is February 15th. Articles should be typed and sent as a pdf and word document to Articles will be selected on their fitness for inclusion in each issue. Writers will be informed of their inclusion before the release date.
Jake Bourke, Critical Bastards Co-ordinator