Event: 4.3.12 by Performance Art Network

Performance Art Network (PAN) are running a FundIt campaign to put on a performance art event called 4.3.12 at BlockT in Smithfield. PAN is a non-profit organisation founded by a group of artists whose aim is to develop the practice of performance art in Ireland by providing platforms for artists to showcase their work in both small and large-scale events.

According to the organisers:

4.3.12 will bring an exciting and engaging night of live performance to Dublin. This large performance art show scheduled for the 4th March 2012 in Block T, Smithfield, will include established, talented performance artists alongside exciting emerging artists from all over Ireland. It will show case durational performances (over one hour in length), short performances and pieces designed for an intimate audience (1-4 people). We are very excited to bring these different strands of performance art together under one roof, 4.3.12 is offering a unique way to experience what is happening in performance art to art-fans and anyone & everyone who would like to come along! This type of event has never taken place in Dublin before and we need your support to make it a night to remember!

They are looking for your support to facilitate some of Ireland’s most talented performance artists to show their work to the public and their contemporaries. The funding will be used to cover travel, accommodation and material costs for artists so they can participate. Donations will also help with the promotion, documentation and running costs of the event.

This sounds like something that is worthy of support and you can find out how to do so on their fundit page. The video below gives more detail on the proposed event.