Digital Sound Night at ATRL

A new series of monthly events kicks off on Thursday 29th of March (7pm) at Arts Technology Research Lab (ATRL) at Trinity College Dublin. The idea is that practitioners and researchers will share their work in arts and technology for a public audience. This is what’s going to happen:

Dermot Furlong
‘The Future Does Not Compute !’ Silk Chroma and Objective Art

Presentation on a visual music installation called Silk Chroma, created with Music and Media Technologies staff at Trinity College Dublin, including video and electroacoustic music. Dr. Dermot Furlong is a senior lecturer in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and course director of Music and Media Technologies programme at Trinity College Dublin.

Sharon Phelan
Experiments with Feedback
Presentation exploring the ideas and processes behind specific sound and video works that make use of electronic feedback. Sharon will share two of her own pieces that explore feedback processes, as well as other key works in sound and video by various artists.

Sharon Phelan is an artist, curator and singer, as well as doctoral researcher in digital arts at ATRL, Trinity College Dublin.

(Image from Silk Chroma)
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