Glitch Festival at Rua Red

The second annual Glitch festival, which explores connections between digital arts and technology opens at Rua Red this Friday. There is a whole pile of stuff happening between now and June 16th and full details are on the Rua Red website. Here’s a short summary:

Opening: Friday 11th May 6PM

We are very excited to present our second, annual festival exploring digital arts and technology – Glitch.
Each year we programme a set of exhibitions, films, workshops and events to explore a particular theme. This year we are looking at artists who utilise both virtual and real spaces to create their work, with a focus on:
Collective Intelligence – Exploring how internet connectivity has enabled us to draw information, skills and knowledge from many people across the globe.
Immersive Technology – Blurring the line between the physical and digital world Generative Art – Using computer systems, software, algorithms and quantified data to create or inform work.
Open Source Technology – Utilising freely available and collaborative processes, software and intelligence to create or manipulate works.

The Festival will close with two very exciting live performances from Jacob Kirkegaard and The Spatial Music Collective in Gallery 1, which promise to be two events that are not to be missed!

Participating artists include: Alan Butler, Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Ellie Harrison, Lucy Kimbell, Joanna Kane, David McAllister and Jacob Kirkegaard