Mark Francis in Conversation

Kerlin Gallery in association with MA Art in the Contemporary World (NCAD, Dublin) presents:

A conversation between Mark Francis and Francis Halsall.

On Thursday, 28th February at 5pm, a public conversation will take place between artist Mark Francis and co-director of MA Art in the Contemporary World, Francis Halsall at the Kerlin Gallery on the occasion of the opening of “Calibrate’, an exhibition of new work by Mark Francis.

The talk will be approximately 45 mins long and will be followed by the opening reception of Calibrate.

This talk is one of an ongoing series arranged collaboratively between the Kerlin Gallery and MA Art in the Contemporary World at NCAD. Previous talks have featured Liam Gillick, Isabel Nolan, Elizabeth Magill and Norbert Schwontkowski.

Mark Francis’ new body of work Mark Francis looks outwards, taking as points of pictorial reference the graphic interpretations of data received by radio telescopes as part of astronomers’ efforts to chart distant zones of the cosmos. Such scientific advances in the power of perception have for Francis come to present vital challenges — and opportunities — for the practice of painting.

Francis Halsall is Lecturer in the History/Theory of Modern & Contemporary Art at National College of Art and Design, Dublin where is co-director of MA Art in the Contemporary World. He writes regularly on aesthetics, art history and contemporary art.

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