Carl Giffney: ‘PEINT’ at Leitrim Sculpture Centre

Current Exhibition at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre – runs until 6th:

PEINT took place across a three month period spent on residency at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre. For this project Carl Giffney inhabited and performed roles that have to do with resources and their collection. The roles the artist chose to enact are common to the local area and ones that he claims ‘have been both idealised and stereotyped at the same time’. They included the Arigna Coal Miner, the Scrap Metal Dealer, the Wild Cat Oil Driller, the Lithium Chemist, the Barytes Miner and the Tinker.

The outcome of PEINT is a solo exhibition that features a 55 minute HD video that documents and explains the process of engaging with three local materials: Barytes, Lithium and Coal. These three materials are ultimately manufactured into a radioactivity stopping paint (or peint) that is presented in the exhibition. The exhibition also lays out the story of this process physically in the gallery with the materials and equipment that were collected and built during PEINT.

Gallery opening times – Wednesday to Saturday 11 – 5pm at Leitrim Sculpture Centre.