Tonight, you can call me Trish

7th February – 22nd March 2014
Opening: 6th February at 6pm – 8pm
Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm | Sat 10am – 5pm

Oliver Laric (AT)
Rachel Maclean (UK)
Brenna Murphy (US)
Pilvi Takala (FI)
Alan Butler (IE)
Mark Durkan (IE)
Eilis McDonald (IE)
Mary-Jo Gilligan (IE)
James Ó hAodha (IE)

Curated by RGKSKSRG (IE)

Artist talk – Rachel Maclean at 5pm,Thursday 6th February, presented in partnership with the MA in Visual Arts Practices, IADT. The exhibition will be officially launched by Cliodhna Shaffrey, Visual Arts Advisor with the Arts Council.

Tonight, you can call me Trish, or Sam, or Janice…

This is a landscape for dreamers, built on instability and optimism. Here, amidst an oasis of changing states and shifting relations, is where new potentialities emerge. Playing with precarity and performance, and the virtual as real, Tonight, you can call me Trish is a show which seeks to mirror-ball the invisible realities in which we orient ourselves.

The video works of Oliver Laric and Pilvi Takala vividly explore the no-mans-land between appropriated fiction and commercial control, while the intense hyper-worlds of Rachel Maclean and Brenna Murphy deftly navigate passages through the realm of the digital, into new and shimmering materialities. The scenographic staging, devised and led by Eilis McDonald and Mark Durkan, performs the receipt and display of these artworks, within the glassy confines of the LAB gallery. This conceptual layering between space and user is further enacted through Alan Butler’s visceral sound interface. Meanwhile, skewing logic and perception, Mary-Jo Gilligan and James Ó hAodha lead us on ephemeral engagements with distinct audiences, played out along the temporal axis of the exhibition.

With all the bluster of a one-night stand, Trish rides on the energy of art’s own glossy promise, in a mashed-up, smashed-up, post-decorative dissolution of illusion.

Tonight, you can call me Trish has been produced with kind support from Irish Art Courier and Kunstverein Düsseldorf for The LAB Emerging Curator Award 2013/14. The LAB Gallery is supported by Dublin City Council and the Arts Council.

Ephemeral event:
Your Otoliths – An Audio Route Guide to the LAB Gallery for Minecrafters

Tour starts at ‘Spiderweb’, Unit 39, 6 Moore Street, Dublin 1 Saturday 1 March 2014, 11am – 3pm
Recommended for Minecrafters – multiplayer mode meet at 12pm For participation details, please contact:

Ephemeral event:
For the Birds

The LAB Gallery, Foley Street, Dublin 1
Saturday 15 March 2014, 11am – 3pm
Exclusive exhibition tour featuring a Macaw, a Cockatoo, and an African Grey Parrot; led by James Ó hAodha, and facilitated by handler Eddie Drew.

The Lab