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PLAYLIST: ‘Out There, Thataway’

Selected by Out There, Thataway co-curator, art writer and academic Francis Halsall, this compilation is the second in a series of commissioned playlists coordinated by Dublin based artist Jonathan Mayhew accompanying the exhibition ‘Out There, Thataway‘ (8 August – 26 September, 2015), released on CCA’s website during the run of the exhibition.

‘The very best pop is about both belonging and transcendence. Through songs a sense of belonging is felt perhaps to a lover, a friend, a place, or a gang. Lovers can make their own cosmos around themselves, but so too can the partisan, tribal and alien worlds of fans. Pop is also about yearning to escape: leaving the suburbs; escaping into love; running to somewhere beyond the prickly restrictions of youth. But pop also struggles to transcend the limits of its genre. It seeks out those places and feelings that lie beyond the constrictions of its format; to articulate those emotions that will always remain sweetly unrequited and un-expressible in the forms of its flimsy medium.’ – Francis Halsall



Miguel: Beautiful Exit
The Blue Nile: Over the Hillside
Throbbing Gristle: Walkabout
The Dream Academy: The Edge of Forever
Galaxie 500: Leave the Planet
Rah Band: Clouds Across the Moon
Japancakes: To Here Knows When
John Grant: Outer Space
Robert Wyatt: At Last I am Free
Ivor Cutler: Beautiful Cosmos
Edwin Starr: 25 Miles


This opportunity comes via MA ACW alumni Claire Feeley, part of the OSLO PILOT team:

OSLO PILOT is looking for dynamic, enthusiastic interns to join their team based in Oslo.

Oslo Pilot is a research-based initiative set up to explore and define the characteristics of a future periodic international art-in-public space event in the city of Oslo. Working closely with artists, art institutions and specialists from other disciplines, Oslo Pilot will communicate through different channels: a project space for exhibitions, archives, encounters and seminars,; a magazine and a new editorial line focused on the poetical text; as well as the production of artworks in public spaces and domains. The two-year project is initiated by the City of Oslo Agency for Cultural Affairs, Norway. The internship programme is available for undergraduate and graduate students. It is required that all interns have the opportunity to combine the internship with their studies, such a receiving academic credit through their school. The internships are not paid.

Oslo Pilot is flexible towards timing and duration of the internship, but we are looking for interns who can be part of our small team for two to six months. We are a small and flexible organisation run by curators Eva Gonzalez-Sancho and Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk, producer, coordinator and project manager. We are located in our projects space in central Oslo.

Interns will take part in all aspects of our work and programme but please note in your application which main responsibility you would prefer:

- Research intern
- Production intern
- Communication intern

Additionally, please indicate the months in which you would be available to work and the number of days per week you could commit.

the candidate should have exceptional organisational and communication skill; demonstrated ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously and meet tight deadlines; and the ability to take the initiative.We work in English and Norwegian – fluency in one of these languages is required.

Please submit a short CV and cover letter to and we will contact eligible candidates for interviews.


Stephen Brandes, Nathan Coley, Aleana Egan, Fergus Feehily, Kevin Gaffney, Rana Hamadeh, and Merlin James

CCA is pleased to present Out There, Thataway, a group exhibition curated through dialogue between Francis Halsall, Declan Long, and CCA. The exhibition takes its title from the last words spoken at the end of ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’: they are Kirk’s vague but determined directions as the Enterprise begins to venture further out than ever before beyond known frontiers.

Out There, Thataway has two conceptual starting points: first, a concern with imagining or navigating territories that are ‘beyond knowledge’; and second, an interest in ways that metaphors of geography shape our thinking and behaviour. The exhibition includes artworks that refer to terrains that are traversed through strategies of fiction and historical association (Stephen Brandes, Kevin Gaffney, Rana Hamadeh); works that imply hesitancy or potentiality regarding location and direction (Merlin James, Fergus Feehily); and others that suggest spaces that are beyond the horizons of our geography altogether (Aleana Egan, Nathan Coley). While not explicitly addressing the contested narratives of territory in the history of Derry/Londonderry, the exhibition is further animated by this context. The speculative journeys and destinations alluded to in these artworks often suggest an urgent need to think beyond immediate predicaments and situations; extreme ideas of ‘elsewhere’ that might offer no fulfilment, promising only further solitude or uncertainty.

Out There, Thataway opens on Saturday 8th August at 7pm and runs until 26th September 2015. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of commissioned playlists coordinated by Dublin based artist Jonathan Mayhew, released on CCA’s website during the run of the exhibition, and a public programme of events. Further information on these programmes will be posted on our website and social media over the coming weeks.

This exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Francis Halsall is an art writer and academic who lectures in the history/ theory of modern and contemporary art at National College of Art & Design, Dublin where he is Director (with Declan Long) of MA Art in the Contemporary World. He’s currently involved with several projects related to the theme of “Systems Aesthetics.” More details of his work can be found at:

Declan Long is a lecturer at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin, Ireland, where he is Programme Director (with Francis Halsall) of the MA Art in the Contemporary World. He is a regular contributor to Artforum and other contemporary art publications. In 2013 he served as a member of the Turner Prize judging panel.

Image: Kevin Gaffney, selected still from Our Stranded Friends in Distant Lands. Duration: 5mins 37sec, Korean with English subtitles, 2015.


Pallas Projects, Dublin from Sept 10th – 21st // Queen Street Studios, Belfast from Oct 1st – Nov 15th

Diagrams is a cross border collaborative project that involves the participation of artists, film makers, architects, new media designers and visual cultures theorists.
Diagrams creates a range of platforms for arts practitioners and theorists to exchange perspectives on their working processes and it gives audiences insights into this learning process.

Diagrams symposium hosted by GradCAM on Sept 18th at DIT Smithfield – booking details to follow here.

Pallas Projects
‘Diagrams’, a mixed media show of work by 7 artists, comprises lens-based media, drawings, paintings and sculptures. Each artist uses the diagram to describe a previous work or to make a preliminary sketch for a new work. The diagrams apply a logical procedure to the spatial organization of elements in order to experiment with material production. The show explores how the dynamic space of the diagram visualizes different sets of relations between elements and so generates multiple reading narratives.

Queen Street Studios Gallery
The approach through the diagram involves the play with various media to create different narratives for the viewer to read the work in terms of the process of its material production. The show provides these artists with the opportunity to explore making diagrams as a way of engaging with the possibilities for disseminating their work, thus making the documentation of the work a focal point of the work itself.

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