HEAVY WEATHER – opening 29th August 2018

HEAVY WEATHER’s origin is a reading group convened in September 2017 by artist Emma McKeagney and including ACW Alumni Ciara McMahon and Danny Kelly, to consider New Materialism in its implications for art practices. Generous explorations of materiality as an enigmatic potential, reworking of human relations with entities and agencies, and spectres of environmental collapse, have intrinsically or tangentially informed the practices – and affect the artists – collected here. Deriving from the 1977 album by fusion group Weather Report, HEAVY WEATHER is a provisional encounter of disparates, forced by contemporary exigencies. It is a settled but uncertain address, a dose of talk about the weather. Featured artists: Louisa Casas; Ann Ensor; Adam Goodman; Milica Jovanovic; Danny Kelly (ACW Alumni); Emma McKeagney; Ciara McMahon (ACW Alumni); Cliodhna O’Riordan.

Opening at the Complex,( https://www.thecomplex.ie/ ) Little Green Street, 6-8pm 29th August, 2018

Open daily 11 – 6pm, 30th August – 3rd September 2018


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