Mateja Šmic at Engage Art Studios, Galway

Engage Art Studios present the CIRCA Art Magazine Writers’ Choice Graduate Exhibition: Mateja Smic, “Aesthetics of a Split Subject”

Engage are delighted to present an exhibition of the work of @ncad_dublin graduate Mateja Šmic opening on the 23rd of August and running until the 14th of September.

Visual Science
Engage Art Studios

ACW student Mateja Šmic was one of the years chosen graduates in the CIRCA Degree Shows: Writers’ Choice series. Her work “Aesthetics of a Split Subject” was recently exhibited at Engage Art Studios, Salthill, Galway for their Writers’ Choice Graduate Exhibition.

Šmic is a Dublin-based artist working with coffee, gelatin, and other often non-traditional materials, chosen by principles of association with her subject matter. Her recent subjects range from geopolitics to national identity. Through printmaking, digital collage, video and animation, Šmic’s installations combine philosophical and psychological questions around experience, the phenomenon of Othering, and tensions between the real subject and its mediated representations. Consisting of intensive cycles and processes of intuitive and experimental engagement with her materials, which become a metaphor for an intangible subject, Šmic’s reflexive and multi-layered art practice parallels with her contextual research and writing.

If you missed the exhibition, you can still check out her work online at as well as on Instagram @matejasmic

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