This event has been indefinitely postponed.

The virus has infiltrated the system. Everything is cancelled. A Hurry Through Which Known and Strange Things Pass*: such a hurry that it never happened. Or did it? Is it happening right now? The strangest of things are passing through. Stay tuned or untuned for further developments from ACW @ The Goethe Institut. 

Part of Common Denominator, a two-year programme in the Goethe-Institut’s Return Gallery curated by Art in the Contemporary World MA/MFA. Supported by the Goethe-Institut Irland in collaboration with the National College of Art and Design. *Seamus Heaney, Postscript 1998

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Maria del Buey, Dominique Crowley, Kate Friedeberg, Brendan Fox, Seanán Kerr, and Orlaith Phelan.

A season of propositions, performances, experiments and scenarios by the MFA Art in the Contemporary World. For this programme, the gallery is a hasty site (a hurry) where materials and objects (known and strange) move through, change direction and (pass). Each week presents a different aspect of post-graduate research-in-process, staged briefly, with intent. It is an opportunity to gather the untethered and unfeathered moments of making, thinking, acting and doing via an evolving exhibition. 
On the following dates in particular we invite the public to join us in the Goethe-Institut’s Return Gallery to experience lively elaborations of artistic research presented by the MFA ACW students: 

CANCELLED: Thursday 12 March 6pm with Dominique Crowley and María del Buey | A hurry through a third strange presence: between telemorphosis and security zones

CANCELLED: Thursday 26 March 7pm with Kate Friedeberg | A hurry through mud: between peregrines, flocks and raves. 

CANCELLED: Thursday 2 April 2pm with Brendan Fox | A hurry through gaps: between perception, longing and revolt with Brendan Fox.

CANCELLED: Thursday 16 April 6pm with Orlaith Phelan | A hurry through discourse: between subject and body, through limits, form and distance.

CANCELLED: Thursday 23 April 6pm with Seanán Kerr | A hurry through Ireland: between English speaking hegemonies, artists cursing a meagre hospitality, whilst the land itself waits.

CANCELLED: Wednesday 6 May 6pm with the MFA Art in the Contemporary World | A hurry through closing: between a publication launch and the conclusion of the Common Denominator programme.

*from Seamus Heaney, Postscript 1998

Part of Common Denominator, a two-year programme in the Goethe-Institut’s Return Gallery curated by Art in the Contemporary World MA/MFA. ACW is a theory-practice post-graduate Masters in the School of Visual Culture at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Common Denominator is supported by the Goethe-Institut Irland in collaboration with the National College of Art and Design. Please continue to check for updates.

Contact: Heidrun Rottke Cultural Programme Co-OrdinatorGoethe-Institut Irland+353 1

Image credit: Dominique Crowley, Telemorphosis, Digital collage, 2020.

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