Transformative States – Emanuel Rohss

12th Apr – 15th Apr
Opens Thurs 12 April 6-8pm
Public discussion in assocation with MA ACW NCAD Fri 13 April 2pm.
Runs 12-6 daily

Emanuel Rohss’s work takes the dialectics of materiality and form as its point of departure. In his recent work Rohss investigates the physical characteristics of painting and sculpture – the limitations and potential of the mediums – as well as the relationship between objects.
The material forms of his sculptural works are manipulated to go beyond their original, expected usage in order to interrogate their metaphysical properties. This approach forces the materials such as metal, rubber or foam to act in alternative ways. The rigid nature of concrete is manipulated to behave like piles of organic mass, reminiscent of rubber material, whilst the flexible nature of foam is shaped into rigid structures evocative of modernist sculpture.
Rohss’s paintings are made using alternative processes and methods. Natural drying processes are controlled or altered by combining liquid acrylics with PVC. In an exploration of the resistance of paint acrylic is applied on a ground of oil. Some canvases are altered into irregular shapes or cut into through the application of bleach on linen.
On Friday 13th April at 2pm there will be a public discussion in association with the Art in the Contemporary World masters programme as part of this show.
Emanuel Rohss was chosen by the Joinery as part of the 2011 graduate programme.
Emanuel Rohss was born in Göteborg, Sweden. He studied at Valand School of fine Art and graduated from the National College of Art & Design with a 1st class Hons degree in Painting in 2011. He has shown work in galleries, museums and art centres in Sweden, Germany, the UK, Ireland, China, the Czech republic and the United States. He has worked in collaboration with the Dublin based art group MART, and the Swedish fanzine collaborative Jarko.
Rohss is currently living in London undertaking an MA in the Royal College of Art.