‘First Awake Moment’

Untitled 2012 30 x 21 cm

First Awake Moment
Ingrid Lyons, Lesley Ann O’Connell, Kathy Tynan


Opening Thursday, April 18, 6-8pm

Group discussion on the exhibition
Friday, April 19, 6pm

The exhibition will be open from Friday, April 18 – Sunday, April 21, from 12pm to 6pm each day.

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Project Space at PP/S Pallas Projects/Studios 115–117 The Coombe Dublin 8
Project Space at PP/S April 18 – 21

First Awake Moment documents a period in time in which Ingrid Lyons, Lesley Ann O’Connell, and Kathy Tynan have been independently focusing on and developing their painting and drawing practices. This exhibition acts as a pause for contemplation and recognition of the past year and reflects on things learned, forgotten, lost, and discovered.

Ingrid Lyons’ drawings describe a personal and contemporary experience of landscape and place. Hazy views recalled from the windows of moving cars and trains are rendered with intimacy and intricacy but they remain atmospherically remote, ghostly, and impermanent. This feeling of movement and passing time creates distance between the viewer and the remembered scenes, heightened by layers of cinematic shadow and light. The places and situations in Lyons’ drawings hint at a search for belonging from a position of uncertainty and detachment.
Lyons is currently undertaking the Art in the Contemporary World MA at NCAD.
Untitled 2012 30 x 21 cm

Lesley Ann O’Connell’s paintings begin with acts of rigorous looking and focused observational drawing. A process of decision making that is intuitive and fluid emerges with the introduction of paint, and the outside world becomes internalised, surrendering to a multitude of textures and colours. The latest of O’Connell’s paintings document the transitory phase of a return to the family home – an environment in which surrounding objects can be at once familiar and alien. The patterns of a carpet or the way light falls in a certain room are among the many influences that form a wealth of conflicts and sensibilities.
O’Connell is currently undertaking an MFA at NCAD.
Patch Work 2013 Oil on canvas 50 x 60 cm

Kathy Tynan makes energetic and compassionate paintings of friends and places of personal significance. Frozen within a moment, figures and buildings merge into their surroundings as the wind whips up leaves and clouds career and swirl through the sky. Tynan’s concentrated yet carefree technique allows essence, mood, and affection to emerge from sometimes unintentional gestures. By embracing these imperfections and uncertainties, the heart of her subjects is revealed, and a more open and magical experience within each moment blooms.
Tynan is a resident artist in Pallas Studios.
Carried along by a river and also by sleep 2013 Oil on canvas 30 x 21 cm

While there are signs of doubt, anxiety, and awkwardness in each of the artists’ works there is a mutual understanding of nature and landscape, home, the familiar and the everyday, memory, and friendship. First Awake Moment provides a space for all of these elements to come together and to be considered in this way for a brief moment in time.

The artists would like to extend a very special thanks to our friend and colleague Michael Hill, for his support and guidance throughout the planning of this exhibition.

Please use the following contact details for any enquiries:
Michael Hill – thatmichael@gmail.com
Ingrid Lyons – ingridlyons@hotmail.com
Lesley Ann O’Connell – ilikeirishweather@gmail.com
Kathy Tynan – kathy.tynster@gmail.com