Where is Art History Today?

Friday 21 November, 09:30-17:30, at the Lecture Theatre, National Gallery of Ireland, Clare Street, Dublin.

Where is Art History Today? is a one-day symposium being held in conjunction with the publication for the Royal Irish Academy by Yale University Press of The Art and Architecture of Ireland. The result of a research project sponsored by Royal Irish Academy, this five-volume reference work is a landmark in the writing of the history of the art and architecture of the island since 400.

This event will position the latest scholarship on Irish art and architecture in the context of recent international developments in art history as a discipline. The intent is to communicate the vitality of contemporary art history to a general audience comprised of those interested in art as well as to students and staff from the academic community and to museum professionals.

Penelope Curtis, the director of Tate Britain, will deliver the keynote address, which will double as an Academy Discourse.
Participants include: Rachel Moss of Trinity College Dublin, Nicola Figgis and Paula Murphy of University College Dublin, Professor Barry Bergdoll of Columbia University and formerly Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York; Professor Lawrence Nees from the University of Delaware, and Professor Gregor Stemmrich from the Free University in Berlin.

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