Sound – Vision – Action

14-15 November 2014

A free livestreamed colloquium from media@mcgill at McGill University Montreal.

Sound, Vision, Action puts contemporary art and scholarship in sound studies and visual culture in direct dialogue around questions of power and politics. Speakers include:


Karin Bijsterveld – “Hearing and Seeing Voices: Speaker Identification at the Stasi”

Caren Kaplan – “The Emotion of Motion: Exceeding the Visual in ‘Aerostatic Spacing’”


Ultra-red (Dont Rhine & Robert Sember) – “What did you hear?”

Natalie Bookchin – “Long Story Short”


Negar Mottahedeh – “One Light: Cinema and Islamic Spirituality”

Anette Hoffmann – “The Auscultation of Culture: Sound Recordings and Knowledge Production”


Mark Curran – “The Normalization of Deviance and the Construction of THE MARKET”

Sumanth Gopinath – “Beep: Listening to the Digital Watch”


Daphne Brooks – “Engines of Modernity: Black Sonic Women & the Open Road”

Amelia Jones – “The Sound of Art”


Georgina Born – “Power and the Circulation of Digital Musics”

Natalie Casemajor – “The Digital Drift of Derivative Artifacts”