MART Experiments presents ‘An Experiment in Life Drawing’
curated by Lynda Phelan

Open Call for Participants – Deadline: 28 May 2015
Date (s) of Experiment: 13 + 14 June 2015
@ The MART, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6.

Life Drawing –Traditionally, an essential component of an artist’s education. Nowadays – Is it even possible to say where life-drawing fits in the contemporary narrative?

Recently, The National College of Art & Design had a re-think
Re: How best to accommodate the tradition of Life Drawing in Today’s Art College.

As a traditional form of learning that focuses on what is in front of the artist – Life Drawing sits outside of the main curriculum of study.

The National College of Art recognises still the value
And have re-dressed the issue with a credited value-system –
Equating the value of Life Drawing with that of all other elective modules.

Take still –
The re-establishment of The RHA School in 2008. Now offering the contemporary artist something of the traditional life-drawing class…

The practice of Life Drawing might not be as important as it once was within the visual arts, but it does still occupy the mind.

So Now – What if we were to take ‘The Tradition’ out of The Life-Drawing Class?

‘An Experiment in Life Drawing’ will take the form of a self-directed life-drawing class with a touch of something different / a twist of the unconventional…

Lynda Phelan is now looking for male & female participants to take part in her ‘Experiment’.

For more details, please see:

Female Model will be played by Newcastle Performance Artist – Nicola Canavan