A Project Initiated By John Ryan And Tom Watt
May 4th – 13th 2012
Ballymastocker Bay, Portsalon, Donegal.

RESORT is a 10 day long artist residency project taking place in early May in the wonderful surroundings of Portsalon, Donegal. Organised by John Ryan and Tom Watt, one of the participating artists is current MA ACW student, Ruth Clinton. Full details as follows are from the RESORT website:

Participating Artists: Sara Amido – Clare Breen – Ruth Clinton – Amanda Conrad – Peter Donnellan – Jane Fogarty – Sarah Gordon – Tracy Hanna – Tom Lawton – David Lunney – Niamh Moriarty – James O hAodha – Matthew Slack

RESORT is a 10 day long residency undertaken by artists on Ballymastocker Bay, Portsalon, Donegal, a beach near the furthest north point of Ireland. The idea to use a beach as the environment for this project was born from a show that some of us participated in last November, where all of the work was site specific and would no longer exist after the show had finished. Given that the beach is a public space, artists were invited to participate in the residency with the understanding that none of the work will exist in the phenomenal world after the project was over.

During the residency, the participants will work collaboratively and autonomously, continuously having group discussion, presentations and stagings of experiments.

Non participants are invited to the location on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of May to engage with artists through viewing of works created and discussion of outcomes of the experience.