Questioning Aesthetics Symposium

Questioning Aesthetics Symposium, Dublin 12-13 May 2016, Newman House, St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

Professor Maeve Cooke
School of Philosophy
University College Dublin

Professor Michael Kelly
Transdisciplinary Aesthetics Foundation
Encyclopedia of Aesthetics (Oxford UP)
Philosophy, UNC Charlotte

Dr. Francis Halsall
National College of Art and Design, Dublin

Dr. Danielle Petherbridge
Irish Research Council (IRC)/Marie Curie Research Fellow
Barnard/Columbia University and
University College Dublin

Our two-day symposium explores questions relating to the potential for social critique and transformation in aesthetic (and related) practices and experiences, focusing on the interplay of minds and bodies. The symposium begins with presentations of an excerpt from This Situation by the celebrated artist Tino Sehgal and of Sufi whirling; it continues with reflections by invited philosophers and theorists, who will address the topic in panel discussions under several headings.

Generously sponsored by the Irish Research Council, The Transdisciplinary Aesthetics Foundation, UCD-NCAD Seed Funding, The Goethe Institute, Dublin, UCD School of Philosophy and The National College of Art and Design

Thursday, 12 May: Transformations in Situations: Moving Minds in Bodies

9.45am: Welcome by Maeve Cooke

10am-12.30pm: Tino Sehgal’s This Situation meets Sufi “Whirling” (Leaders: Descha Daemgen and Naïma Ferré)

12.30pm-2pm: Break

2pm-3.10pm: Panel Discussion, Transformations in Situations – Moving Minds in Bodies
Chair: Declan Long

Descha Daemgen, Decided Forms: Tino Sehgal and the Freedom of Prescribed Criticality
Katalin Makkai, How to do Things with Words: This Situation and Conversation
Naïma Ferré, Sufi Whirling

3.10pm-3.30pm: Break

3.30pm-4.40pm: Panel Discussion, Art – as Act, as Reparation, as Transformation
Chair: Maeve Cooke

Ciaran Benson, The Power of Acts
Katherine O’Donnell, Touching Trauma: A Weak Theory of the Power of a Reparative Response to Testimonies of Trauma
Anita Chari, Sensation, Subjectivity and the Arts of Embodied Attention

4.45pm-5.55pm: Panel Discussion, Moving Together – in Situations
Chair: Francis Halsall

Fred Cummins, Speaking in Unison and Collective Intentionality
Joe Dunne, Dancing Minds and Bodies
John McGuire, On the Poverty of Student Life: Revisiting Situationism in the wake of Black Lives Matter

Friday 13 May: Transforming Art: The Power of Aesthetic Constructions

9.45am-10am: Welcome by Michael Kelly

10am-11.10am: Panel Discussion, Aesthetic Spaces and Practices – of Normalization and Critique
Chair: Michael Kelly

Dorothea von Hantelmann, The Art of Liberal Government
Ruth Sonderegger, Normalizing as opposed to Social Critique in the Field of Art
Danielle Petherbridge & Luna Dolezal, Questioning Social Encounters in the Work of Marina Abramovic: Performance Art as Embodied Critical-Reflexive Space

11.10am-11.30am: Break

11.30am-12.40pm: Panel Discussion, The Power of Art Works – Perception, Judgment,
Chair: Maeve Cooke

Tim Mooney, Body and Movement in the Painting
Carmen Dege, The Communication of Taste, the Sublime, and Aesthetic Truth
Jonathan Owen Clark, Art and Historicity

12.40pm-2.10pm: Break

2.10pm-3.20pm: Panel Discussion, Experiencing Art – Attunement, Shock, Estrangement
Chair: Francis Halsall

Rita Felski, In Sync: Art and Attunement
Brian O’Connor, Aesthetic Shock
David Roden, Dark Posthumanism

3.20pm-3.40pm: Break

3.40pm-4.50pm: Panel Discussion, Aesthetic Representation – and Beyond
Chair: Tom Stott

Caitríona Leahy, Examining Kleist’s Marionettentheater
Annie Hanlon Performing Radical Feminist Aesthetics in Popular Music
Francis Halsall, Thinking the Unthinkable: Aesthetics and Hans Blumenberg’s Absolute Metaphors

4.50pm-5.10pm: Concluding discussion (Moderator: Maeve Cooke)

5.10pm-6.15pm: Reception hosted by the Goethe Institute, Dublin

Co-Sponsored by The Irish Research Council; UCD-NCAD Seed Funding; Goethe Institute, Dublin; The National College of Art and Design;UCD School of Philosophy; and the Transdisciplinary Aesthetics Foundation